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January 17th, 2011

After eleven and a half years we're boarding up the windows of and going into hibernation. The site and crew have been almost entirely inactive for years now, so we might as well make it official.

If you're reading this then our server move is complete. We're on a shiny new VPS now as a cost saving measure. We've also cut back on offered services, down to only HTTP, SFTP and IMAP/POP/SMTP.

Right, so, about mail. I've gone on record repeatedly that email is by far the least fun part of server administration. But alas, here we are again, and here's your new server info. Or you can be super-lazy and just use Thunderbird's automagical email account brute-forcer thing which works surprisingly well! The only caveat with using IMAP is that on the new server you can't have remote folders at the same level as your Inbox, they have to be under your Inbox. But that's it! If you have any issues, bug me.

All data was migrated, but accounts have only been recreated on on an as-needed basis. If you need your account reactivated, or would like to set up mail forwarding, email me and I'll take care of it.

I think we've had a good run, and I hope you've all had as much fun doing this as I have. I also hope we've all managed to learn something during this decade long experiment. I've certainly learned plenty: how to be an effective systems administrator (which I now do for a living), more than enough about design (again, what I do for a living), how to defend your slice of the internet from hordes of third world script kiddies, how to run a community, how not to run a community, and most recently how to let things die.

But of course, this is only sort of the end. Your stuff hasn't gone anywhere, and I'm certainly not going anywhere – I live here – this is just formally closing the door on skizzers. I'll always be more than happy to help out my friends with any kind of hosting or administration needs you may have. Just call, or email, or IM, or send smoke signals, or think really hard.

So, until next time...

Signature: Jeff / inpheaux